Expat Comedy Night | Jen Kirwin

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Check out Jen Kirwin’s crazy English speaking comedy lineups, october 14th 2020 at Caustic Comedy Club, Carouge.

Jen is an American comic living abroad. She has performed in both the US and Europe, including NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival and Caroline’s on Broadway.

This season she'll be doing a 40 minute showcase to try out her new material, and will invite two different guests each time who will be opening for her.

Magda Mahila is a native Romanian living in Geneva. She has performed in Spanish, French and Romanian. Come see her in english as she shares with us her hilarious take on life as an expat. 

Swiss born comic, Nadim, set foot on stage after a dare and could not leave it ever since. After many years performing across the country in french & English, he developed a passion for re-examining society's shortcomings. Through his life experiences and his addictive energy, you will not want to miss him.

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